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The Vision

The Island’s of Turks and Caicos are a dream holiday destination. Beautiful by Nature and diverse.
Amazing beaches, luxurious accommodations, incredible food and fun excursions for all. Choosing the right accommodation, experiences, tours and even restaurants can become very stressful and expensive guessing game. With my expertise I take the time, overwhelmed and wasted money out of planning your trip.
Adeline Pierre specializes in designing large groups and family vacations. She focus on you and her prices don’t break the bank as we book directly with the locals; We are flexible as we work with luxurious and budget friendly vacation rentals.
Local knowledge and authentic experiences!

Discovery Call

Looking for online answers don’t help most of the time. Information changes daily and the most reliable answers are with the locals.
You don’t want to plan your trip around outdated information or recommendations.
That’s why I offer discovery call in a quick one hour session so you can ask all those questions that you couldn’t get answered online.

Full Package

Customized vacation planning and itineraries which includes booking accommodations, activities, tours, private chef’s, dining reservations and more.
Whether you seek adventure or laid back activities, I will design the perfect experience to ensure you won’t miss a single thing.
Lets create an unforgettable and stress-free holiday to Turks & Caicos Islands for you!

The Flexible

This is for vacationers who wants some directions but wants flexibility. This is great for vacationers who just needs a little help to make sure they don’t miss out on the best that Turks & Caicos Islands has to offer.
Its goes by booking your discovery call, we plan it out and then I send you a PDF vacation guide that contains all the information we discussed to book your vacation.
It’s all in your hand to decide what you want to do and when.

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“Adeline was so helpful in planning our bachelor trip! We were hesitant to book a trip with the potential of travel restrictions and cancellations, but Adeline made it so easy and stress free even when we had to change our original plan! we stayed at an oceanfront villa on Taylor Bay complete with a spa days and Island tours.
Adeline also helped surprise me with a private chef dinner, which made for an incredible night! She was available throughout our trip to help us with reservations and recommendations!
Thank you, Ade!
Kenneth Stern